Monday, March 28, 2016

The Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process: Know What to Look For

Carpets can be a way to cover your old flooring, however, there may come a time when you have to remove it as well and you are now faced with a serious case of old hardwood floor. If your house is entirely made up of this kind of flooring, hardwood to be precise, you can always count on the services of professional flooring services.

First things first, they need to make the whole flooring clean through sweeping and vacuuming. After this, professional flooring maintenance contractors use their equipment such as a square buff floor sander, super duty orbital sander and a drum floor sander.

The square buff floor sander is going to be used to sand the whole room. This will remove all the dirt, sealer and stain on the floor, while the super duty orbital are for the edges. This will make sure that the entirety of the flooring is well-sanded. The drum floor sander, uncommon to some, is not really hard to control as long as it keeps moving before turning it on or off.

Bare wood on your flooring signifies the right path. Professional flooring services know these signs but you, as the owner, must be able to see it as well. Then after this, it’s now time for staining the floor and it depends entirely on what color you prefer as long as you coordinate with the contractors. They let it dry overnight and seal the floor up.

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