Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Preserving the Majestic Hardwood

Many a house in Massachusetts will have hardwood floors adorning its interior. Some home improvement experts claim that the material may even improve the house’s resale value, but how can any homeowner work to maintain their classic appearance with minimal effort? Here are some ideas:

Traffic Shield 

Normally, hardwood floors are polished and coated with special varnish or wax to prevent dirt and spills from seeping into their grains. Unfortunately, even the toughest finishing cannot withstand the onslaught of traffic. It is smart to place rugs on high-traffic areas in your home, such as the living room, kitchen, areas adjacent to exterior doors, and even the path to the bathroom.

Less Moisture

Hardwood has a certain thermal expansion coefficient, which is influenced greatly by humidity. Too much airborne humidity can cause boards to separate, forming gaps that can make the entire floor look unsightly. To prevent these unwanted changes, install a dehumidifier that can keep your home’s indoor humidity level in check.

Covered Up

Some species of hardwood are photosensitive, and their color fades quickly when exposed to sunlight for a long period. Sometimes, they are sensitive even to indoor lighting. If you have this kind of hardwood, consider installing drapes to reduce the sunlight that enters your home during the day, and switch to a less radiant indoor lighting.